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Swine Sampling-Cervical-Swabs-Semen-Urine

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5 Life Technologies | Animal Health Semen 1. Use the gloved hand technique according to Almond. 2. Put pressure on the glans penis first, and reduce pressure towards the beginning of ejaculation. 3. Carefully observe whether preputial fluid is ejected; this sometimes contaminates the sample. Urine 1. Enter the compartment, walk to the center, and force sows to stand up by clapping or shouting. 2. Wait a few minutes until approx. 1/3 of the sows that stood up spontaneously show micturition. 3. Quickly collect urine in the tubes from as many sows as possible. Storage Samples should be stored in a refrigerator until shipment to the laboratory, which should be within 24–36 hours. If this is not possible and only PCR is required, freeze the samples at –20 to –80°C. Keep in mind that no further cultural examination is possible after freezing a sample. Shipment Material from diseased animals is usually classified as "Biological substance, category B" according to UN regulations (UN 3373). It must be shipped in compliance with national regulations and, at least for international shipment, in compliance with "Packing Instruction 650" specified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). National regulations and IATA instructions may change over time. If you have doubts about the actual regulations, please ask your courier or the lab. Take a midstream sample if possible

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