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Swine Sampling-Feces

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5 Life Technologies | Animal Health Shipment Material from diseased animals is usually classified as "Biological substance, category B" according to UN regulations (UN 3373). It must be shipped in compliance with national regulations and, at least for international shipment, in compliance with "Packing Instruction 650" specified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). National regulations and IATA instructions may change over time. If you have doubts about the actual regulations, please ask your courier or the lab. The sample should be accompanied by a case history and examination form, including: • Name of veterinarian • Name of farmer/herd owner • Invoicing information • Species/breed and age of sampled animals • Date samples were taken • Number of samples • Type of samples • Identification/labeling of samples (correlation between numbers on the samples and ear tags on pigs) • Specified test that should be performed, such as "quantitative real-time PCR for Lawsonia intracellularis" rather than just "Lawsonia detection" • Results from any previous tests which do not need to be repeated Good background information can help the laboratory conduct the most appropriate tests and provide advice in context.

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