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Life Technologies Parkinson’s disease cell models—part 3

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Find out more at For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. © 2014 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of Thermo Fisher Scientific and its subsidiaries unless otherwise specified. The Parkinson's Institute and Clinical Center is a trademark of Parkinson's Institute. TaqMan is a registered trademark of Roche Molecular Systems, Inc., used under permission and license. Essential 8 is a trademark of Cellular Dynamics International, Inc. Accutase is a registered trademark of Innovative Cell Technologies. TRI Reagent is a registered trademark of Molecular Research Center, Inc. CO35509 0814 for Parkinson's disease under one roof. By virtue of our design, we are uniquely equipped to provide the best care, accelerate promising science, and perhaps most important—integrate the two and everything in between. It's what we now call Our Virtuous Circle and people living with Parkinson's and their loved ones are at the center of all that we do. Visit to learn more. About Life Technologies ™ products Life Technologies ™ products harness the power of science to transform lives. As a member of the Thermo Fisher Scientific family of brands, our instruments, everyday tools, and services offer high-quality, innovative life science solutions for every lab and application. Go to to learn more. About the Parkinson's Institute and Clinical Center Two and a half decades ago, a dedicated group of Parkinson's disease experts set out to create a better way to research and provide care for Parkinson's. We would go beyond your standard doctor-patient relationship. Patients would become partners in developing their care plans, improving their quality of life, and discovering new strategies to confront and manage their disease. Compassionate care would work hand in hand with cutting-edge research to seek answers, develop new therapies and treatments, and ultimately work toward a cure. Our result was the Parkinson's Institute and Clinical Center. Along the way, we have built something that's thoroughly unique. Our Institute is a place where people living with Parkinson's can both pursue their care and play an important role in research that will undoubtedly continue to change the landscape of Parkinson's science and medicine. We are America's only independent non-profit organization combining world-class care, clinical research, and laboratory research

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